Start baking pizzas with the Weltevree Outdooroven


Weltevree pizza oven

A pizza oven is a great addition to your garden. The oven compartment of the Weltevree Outdooroven is perfect for baking pizzas. Once you have lit the fire, the flames of the oven heat up the pizza stone quickly. With the Weltevree Pizza Shovel, you can easily place and take out your pizzas. Always make sure to use Gloves when opening the oven door to prevent getting burned. This pizza-oven gives you the best of both worlds: the flames of the wood fired fireplace will keep you warm like a heater would, but also bring you the joy of baking your own homemade pizzas.

Cooking outdoors

You can do a lot more with the Weltevree pizza-oven than just bake pizzas. The Outdooroven by Weltevree has many cooking accessories for outdoor cooking. Besides pizzas, you can use the outdoor oven to bake bread, barbecue on the grill and basically create any oven dish you might like. The Weltevree Oven Dish will give you many options for recipes for outdoor dining.  Do you want to create a proper outdoor kitchen? The Outdooroven XL gives you even more outdoor cooking options.

Low in maintenance

The Weltevree Outdooroven is multiple things in one: a pizza oven, an outdoor fireplace, a barbecue grill and a stove. The Corten steel material makes for an almost maintenance free experience, since the layer of rust gives the Outdooroven the opportunity to protect itself against all types of weather. All you need to do is enjoy outdoor cooking and outdoor dining.