Beach Rocker

The directness of this design is also the biggest attraction. With its surprising version, the Beach Rocker combines the iconic beach chair –that is featured by its timeless, classical look – with the comfort and the experience of a rocking chair. The varnished beech wood originated from Dutch forests and is light-weight so the chair can be moved easily.

Find a comfortable place in the sun and the Beach Rocker will rock your world!

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Weltevree Cookbook


Create the ultimate feeling of freedom by cooking together, with the recipes from this Cookbook specially developed for the Outdooroven. The recipes in this book were created by Chef Jeroen van Werven. He developed this cookbook for the Outdooroven with pure recipes for a meal that fits the season from summer to winter. Puff, grill or stew, these recipes give you the ultimate feeling of freedom all year round!

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Patio High Back

Create your own place with the Patio High Back. This bench is ideal for more privacy in your garden or in an office environment. Due to the Patio High Back, you sit shielded, intimate and stylish and you create a patio feeling in any environment.

No more carrying indoor cushions or hassle with special outdoor cushions; with the Patio High Back you can enjoy unrivalled comfort for any posture.

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