Outdoor bathing with the Weltevree Dutchtubs


The Weltevree Dutchtub Original

Time to enjoy comfortable outdoor bathing in your own garden with the Weltevree hot tub. The high quality Weltevree outdoor baths come in three different variations. The Dutchtub Original is the first and original hot-tub by Weltevree. The design by Floris Schoonderbeek is lightweight, can easily be moved and has space for up to four people. It comes in grey, green or orange, but you can request any color you want! 

A natural or smaller hot tub

Next to the Dutchtub Original, there is the Dutchtub Wood. This Weltevree hot tub is covered by platowood, giving it a natural look and feel to blend in with nature. It also offers enough space for 4 people to relax in. If a bath for 4 people is too big for you or if you want to fit a bath into a smaller outdoor space, you can order the Dutchtub Loveseat. This small wood fired hot tub is designed for one to two people. 

Woodfired natural bath

Each Weltevree Dutchtub is heated by fire and warmed through natural circulation. When filling the wood fired bath, the water will pass through a spiral that gets heated by the fire. The warm water will then flow out of the spiral at the top. Easy, natural heating of your hot tub. Since there is no electricity involved, you can place the outdoor bath everywhere you want.