Thor ter Kluve


Thor ter Kulve

Thor fixates on ways to make self-sufficient and sustainable living in an urban environment a possibility and easily accessible. “Most of my energy in my work as a designer comes from thinking about solutions for concrete problems,” says Thor. His work consists of designing products that evolve natural or civil typologies into functional tools, furniture and solutions. Thor’s daily goal is to challenge public spaces and turning them into playgrounds. He gives new insight to public domain.

“The Swing is the ultimate way of experiencing freedom”

Ter Kulve and Weltevree both share the vision that new possibilities originate in outdoor spaces. His mobile ‘Swing’ is a perfect example of the way Ter Kulve’s designs give the user the ability to make a public space his own, to turn any ordinary lamppost or tree into a playground. The Swing is the ultimate pathway to freedom, and is Weltevree’s embodiment of playing with nature.

The Swing has been rewarded with the Rabo Burgemeester de Bruin Prize, the cultural incentive prize for artists at the start of their career.

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Designs by Thor ter Kulve