The now iconic Wheelbench invites you to look for the best place. Via the striking wheel, the comfortable bench is very mobile.

The Wheelbench from designer Rogier Martens is made from high-quality oak wood. This mobile outdoor bench is not just functional but also very comfortable.

Discover the world, create your own (seating) place. Add a sheepskin and you never want to leave!

product benefits

  • Made of untreated oak wood
  • Easy to move
  • Create an extra seat everywhere
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Rogier Martens

Easy to move outdoor bench due to wheelbarrow wheel and handles

190 x 46 x 76 cm (lxwxh)

25 kg

Oak woodl

The Wheelbench is supplied untreated. You can treat the wood yourself with oil or impregnate it to retain the colour. When you do not treat the wood, it will slowly turn into a lovely grey colour.

Flatpacked, 210x50x20 cm (lxwxh)

Easy to mount using the supplied manual


“I wanted to create a bench that you can easily move by yourself”, explains Rogier Martens about the Wheelbench. “A seat for several people that you can place wherever you want. Each displacement can be another cause for new thoughts or a new conversation.”

Rogier’s way of designing is very down to earth and ingenious. The Wheelbench is a good example of this. “It is a very transparent thing: purpose and use are completely clear. You actually see people moving around with this bench. It invites you to do something with it, you do not need any explanation or encouragement for this.”

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