The Guidelight is the Swiss Army knife among lights. With a simple twist of its head it changes from subtle ambient lighting to a clear work light or handy flashlight with a bright ray of light. Each unexpected place will become your home with the Guidelight. The Guidelight is mobile, wireless and incredibly energy efficient. The dimmable led lamp can easily be charged via micro-USB and can provide energy for about 10 hours with the highest intensity and even 150 hours with the lowest intensity. Due to the diversity of functions this revolutionary mobile lamp can be taken along, hung up or be placed on the table in the garden. With its nomadic spirit and friendly look, the Guideline is a perfect addition to any trip, destination or area, both indoors as outdoors!

product benefits

  • Three different settings: flashlight, work light and ambient lighting
  • Dimmable (LED lamp)
  • To be charged via micro-USB (including cable)
  • Lasts up till 150 hours
  • Splash proof
  • Portable and to hang up
  • Available in the trendy colours green and red
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Floris Schoonderbeek

The Guidelight is a flashlight, work light and ambient lighting all in one.

38 x 12 x 12 cm

500 gram

Head: ABS, Body: LDPE, Handle: powder coated steel

light output
140 lm (420 mA)

LED lifetime
50.000 hours

Green, Red


That lighting is still tied to one permanent place in this day and age inspired Floris Schoonderbeek to design the Guidelight. “You do not want to waste light but use it where you need it. You do not just want to be able to align the place to your needs but also the use, the function and intensity.” From this thought the Guidelight was created; a keen light source that is a flashlight and ambient lighting in one. Floris: “For me a mobile lamp means that you can really go into the forest and look for adventure. And you want to turn your destination into a nice social spot with ambient lighting all around. The Guidelight combines these two functions; it is your best buddy for exciting adventures and romantic moments.”



2D Drawing
AI Guidelight


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