dutchtub wood

Dutchtub Wood

Luxury does not have to be complicated. The Dutchtub Wood combines the authentic tub with the comfort and the hygiene of the Dutchtub Original. The outdoor tub is heated by wood and only use natural circulation.

The Dutchtub Wood is covered with sustainable wood from Platowood, requires little to no maintenance and the tub is weather-resistant and light-weight. The natural casing provides a natural feeling and perfectly blends in with its surroundings – same as the person inside the tub.

Bring nature closer to home with the Dutchtub Wood.

Price € 6.495,00

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product benefits

  • Luxury wood burning hot tub
  • Use of natural heat circulation
  • High efficiency (double wall)
  • Light-weight and therefore easy to move
  • Suitable for 4 people
  • Including lid, fire basket, hosepipe connection and Dutchtub wok
dutchtub wood
dutchtub wood
dutchtub wood
dutchtub wood
dutchtub wood


Floris Schoonderbeek

Wood burning outdoor tub finished with sustainable wood from Platowood

size: 170 X 234 X 72 cm
capacity: 650 liter / weight: 85 kg

Glass fibre polyester, Stainless steel, Platowood Fraké (sustainable wood)

Platowood Fraké

design by Floris Schoonderbeek

The Dutchtub Wood is the brother of award-winning Dutchtub Original that was designed by Floris Schoonderbeek in 2003. “I want to experience that pleasure again when you discover things yourself, that feeling of independence. Products you can do things with, that come to life when in use. You must heat the Dutchtub yourself with wood. After those efforts you can lay back with a satisfied feeling and enjoy the stars from a lovely warm bath. The Dutchtub Wood has a natural, luxurious look and perfectly blends in with its surroundings.”

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