How do you use the Guidelight?

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The Guidelight is a multifunctional lantern. It can be used in three different ways: as a focused spotlight, a flashlight or ambient light. On top of that, the mobile lantern is rechargeable and has a dimmable LED. But how do all these settings work?

Turning on and dimming the Guidelight

To switch on the Guidelight, turn the rotary knob on the side of the Guidelight clockwise (towards the + sign). By fully turning the knob, the Guidelight will shine at maximum capacity. To dim the light, simply turn the knob counterclockwise (towards the – sign). The brightness can be adjusted from a cozy 10% capacity to a bright full capacity.

walking In the dark with guide light
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Switching between the three functions 

The Guidelight has three different functions. You can use it as a focused spotlight, a flashlight or an ambient light. To switch between these functions, you can rotate the colored head.

  1. The flashlight

The head of the Guidelight can rotate 360°. By fully rotating the head upwards, the LED light will shine outside of the white body. Let the light shine forward, pick up the lantern by its handle and use the Guidelight as a flashlight on dark walks. Put it on full intensity to see where you are going!

  1. The spotlight

To use the Guidelight as a spotlight, simply put it down and point the spotlight to where you want the light to shine. This way, you can use the lantern as a reading light or put the spotlight on a piece of art. You could also hang the Guidelight from the Guidelight Hook and create a type of wall lamp.

  1. Ambient light

Are you looking for ambient lighting? Rotate the head down so the LED light shines down into the white body of the Guidelight. You will feel a click once this position is reached. The light will now shine out of the white body. Simply dim the light accordingly to set the right atmosphere. This function is ideal for dinner parties. 

Weltevree Guidelight_Red_with_girl
walking In the dark with guide light
Charging the Guidelight

The Guidelight is charged via a micro-USB connector. A cable is provided in the box, but any standard micro-USB cable can be used. The USB port can be found on the side of the Guidelight; on the opposite side of the rotary knob. It is covered by a black rubber cap. Open the cap and you will have access to the USB port. 

It takes 4 hours to fully recharge the empty battery. While charging, the indicator light above the USB port will flash. When fully charged, it will shine continuously. Once the battery is fully charged, it will last for 10 hours on full intensity and 150 hours on the lowest intensity.

Adaptable to any situation

Now that you know how to use the Guidelight, you can take it with you on outdoor adventures. The Guidelight will adapt to any situation you encounter, whether that is at an overnight camping trip or within the safety of your own garden.

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