The power of boredom

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In the midst of the second wave of the corona pandemic, most of the world is going back into some form of lockdown. And with a lot of forms of entertainment outside of the house shut down, what is there left to do? There is only so much tv to watch and books to read. In short, 2020 is a year with a lot of boring days. But is being bored really such a bad thing?

Don’t give into distractions

Of course, when we’re bored, we often reach for the first form of entertainment that will distract us from “having nothing to do”. While reading a book, watching a new show or finishing that puzzle can be great (we’re all for putting the phone away sometimes), it can also end up being really productive when you give into actually doing nothing.

Do you recognize the moment of finally solving an issue when doing a really mundane thing like cleaning or brushing your teeth? That is exactly what the power of boredom is all about. By not distracting your mind, you give your mind some time to calm down from all external stimulations. And with calmness comes focus! The perfect moment for your brain to tackle issues and look for new ideas.

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How does this work? Boredom is pretty much a form of frustration that can become very productive when used well. As explained by expert Margeret J. King: “If you have ever been in a boring meeting–one in which you are not productively engaged–you’ll notice your mind wandering over into problem-solving mode for issues that are bothering you, both work and personal.”  

So, it’s definitely worth a shot to try it next time you find yourself being bored. Don’t immediately grab your phone or distract yourself otherwise and see what creative ideas you might come up with!


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