Digital Dutch Design Week tip: Recalculating Route

Camper Floris Schoonderbeek

For obvious reasons, Dutch Design Week is going digital in 2020! While we won’t be joining this year, there is someone with a big Weltevree connection that we recommend you to follow. Floris Schoonderbeek, designer of the Dutchtub, Guidelight and many other Weltevree products, goes on an experimental road trip and tries to come up with new durable solutions by searching, experiencing and experimenting with other thinkers and doers. The results of this road trip can (virtually) be seen at the exposition ‘Recalculating Route’.

The starting point of this road trip

As a designer, Floris Schoonderbeek always designs to improve his own surroundings. He creates things that he feels are missing and comes up with products that activate his surroundings. He has a need to look for new habits and new products, for a nature-inclusive and high-quality existence. And times like these, where we are all spending a lot more time in our own spaces, are a good starting point for coming up with new things and solutions.

A visible design process

Together with Fieldstation, a self-built camper as a mobile workshop, Floris has hit the road. On his road trip he experiments and experiences new solutions with other thinkers. In his own words: “By experimenting and doing you learn to understand the technique and quality of the experience. You feel the sensation or experience a product can bring.” Recalculating Route makes this whole design process visible. The ongoing road trip has been filmed and can be followed at the Instagram of Studio Floris Schoonderbeek.

In short, this project is an invitation and encouragement to use our knowledge and skills in a different way. After all, change will not happen by following the old route. To find out more, watch the whole project trailer in the video below.

Curious to see the exposition?

Recalculating Route by Studio Floris Schoonderbeek can be seen virtually at Dutch Design Week from October 17 – 25. Visit for more information on the virtual tour.

During and after Dutch Design Week, the exhibition can also be physically visited at Kazerne until February 2021. Check for visitor conditions.

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