The forest houses at Camping Stortemelk on Dutch island Vlieland had to be sustainable and add something to the existing accommodations on the island. A number of special houses inspired by, among other things, a ‘gazebo’ and ‘caravan’ are the result. Henk Boekhout: “Out of respect for the environment, I wanted to create something that does justice to the unique place and at the same time ensure an optimal experience of this environment.” I wondered: “What would I like to see in this forest and what would I like to experience in a house or cabin? ” The result is the ‘Barn’ inspired by the garden sheds of the Amsterdam School Architects and barns such as in Canada and America. Remarkable is that the forest under the legs of the house can still grow. “The forest houses fill the gap between camping and an ordinary holiday home, but they also had to fit in with Stortemelk”, says Sander Brand. “We had to comprimise every inch to make them as compact as possible.” Henk and I and Kramer’s Bouwbedrijf were honored to be able to work on this project at such a fantastic location “. The ‘Woodrock’ had to become tough, like a wooden rock. With this house, the most compact of the series, the designer let loose on one piece. That was the gigantic sliding door – cut out as it were out of a wooden block – which can be opened diagonally, so that ‘inside’ also becomes ‘outside’. The shape of house was conceived by interior architect Susie Brand-de Groot. This model had to reach the height, as if it had grown between the trees and always stood in the forest. The house is cut open at the side and has a different color than the noisy, curved exterior where the windows are. The cottages are each equipped with the Weltevree Forestry Table and Forestry Benches, made from Douglas wood from the Dutch forests in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer.


Client: Camping Stortemelk Location: Camping Stortemelk, Vlieland, Nederland Website:  Year: 2016

products used in this project

Forestry Table Forestry Bench

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