Undivided Attention

At Weltevree we want to inspire people to change the established ideas around well-being and luxury, in favour of a more conscious, social and content life.

With our collection, we pursuit a new idea of quality; by indulging experiences that promote your well-being. Each and every product arises from the necessity to better serve people in ways than was previously possible. Our products will encourage you – all year round – to enrich the use of your environment together with those you love.

In collaboration with the best designers and inventors, established names and emerging talents, Weltevree develops inventive products with honest materials that last a lifetime. A transparent production process and experienced partners are a crucial part in order to accomplish this.

Although we have a love for beautiful things that are well made, we strongly believe life is about what you experience, not what you own; “it’s a luxury to choose the basics”.

We support in creating new memories and focus on those matters that are truly important to you. Wherever you are, be all there!

Design products to support quality time!