About Weltevree

Dutch design products for adventurous living.

Weltevree is a Dutch design manufacturer that focuses on outdoor, comfort and adventure. This Dutch design label develops products which will encourage you – all year around – to explore your surroundings and utilize them on a new way. Products that offer comfort, give pleasure and bring you closer to the roots; a reliving experience of primary desires. Smart products for your well-being. Playing with nature!

Comfortable close to nature.

Once in a while nature can give you the feeling of ultimate freedom. Weltevree gets that. The products arise from the necessity to better serve people in ways than what was previously possible. Responding to the needs of this time, the product label is continuously improving their development.

Weltevree contributes to a sustainable and social environment. We want to develop products from honest materials that last a lifetime. A transparent production process and experienced partners are a crucial part in order to accomplish this.
Together with the best designers and inventors we strive towards a new idea of quality and luxury.