5 products that encourage you to go outside

Swing boomschommel

Spring is here again. We’re lacking some vitamin D, so it’s time to replenish that! Especially now that you can’t really go anywhere, it’s nice to spend the warmer days outside. With our products, we want to encourage you to go outside and discover your surroundings. That’s why we would like to show you which products are most suitable for this purpose.

1. Help in the garden with the Waterworks

With the arrival of spring, we can fully enjoy the outdoor season again. This is the perfect time to work in the garden and get it ready. The Waterworks can help you with this. Attach the Waterworks at the preferred height and you will have a user-friendly sink. All you need is your original outdoor water tap and a garden hose. The Waterworks is also practical for storing gardening tools. Put on your gloves and Poplars and get to work in the garden. Plant some pretty flowers for more spring color!

2. An Outdooroven barbecue

With the nice weather, we like to enjoy good food outside. It’s time to start barbecuing again! Did you know that it’s also possible with the Outdooroven? Gather your family and friends together and organize an Outdooroven barbecue. The weather is likely to cool down quickly in the evening, but the Outdooroven fire will keep you warm. No matter the type of weather, the Outdooroven can always be enjoyed outside.

Outdooroven recipe: Spare rib and corn cobs
Outdooroven Fieldchair spot
3. Exploring with the Local Habitat

Your garden is just like a zoo, only with “little animals” better known as insects. These small creatures are more active in spring, so it’s extra fun to look for them and study them. With the Local Habitat, you can make your own temporary ecosystem! The Local Habitat comes with a small booklet that contains all the information you need about insects and plants. So you can learn all about these creatures. The three bubbles on the side of the Local Habitat allow you to study the insects even better because of the magnifying glass effect. Make sure you treat your little guests with respect and always release them afterward.

Local Habitat
local habitat water
4. Change your perspective with the Swing

With the upcoming nice weather, it’s a good time to visit your favorite places in nature again. Turn any space into a playground and experience them differently with the Swing. Swinging high will change your perspective. With the mobile swing, you can go anywhere in nature. Just attach the Swing to a wide and strong pole or tree and you’re ready to swing. Discover your inner child again and swing as high as you can!

Swing boomschommel

5. Adventures in the dark with the Guidelight

Why would you only enjoy being outdoors during the daytime? At night, everything looks different and has another vibe. Start exploring and use the Guidelight as a flashlight. Do you prefer doing something more laidback? Take a picnic blanket and some snacks and drinks to your favorite spot. Become one with your surroundings and study the stars by the Guidelight’s ambient light. You can adjust the multifunctional lamp to your wishes.


What motivates you to go outside? We love to see what you use our products for. Share your outdoor moments with us, using the hashtag #wordofweltevree!

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