Outdooroven accessories: How to adjust the Outdooroven to your needs.

3 Outdoorovens met accessoires op een houten terras
The Outdooroven and Outdooroven XL are all-round outdoor cookers for in a backyard, on a roof terrace or in any other outdoor space. Next to the included accessories (pizza stone and grill) there are several optional Outdooroven accessories available that offer outdoor chefs the possibility to adjust these ovens to their specific needs. Learn more about these accessories and find out how they can help improve your outdoor cooking experience even further.


The Outdooroven is suitable for preparing many types of dishes. This unique cookbook helps you discover the possibilities of the oven. It is a complete guide: it explains how to use the Outdooroven and it contains a collection of recipes that are tailored for the different seasons. Each recipe is created by chef Jeroen van der Werven and the book offers plenty of cooking inspiration to aspiring and experienced chefs. shop now

Pizza Shovel

Chances are, the home made pizza is a frequently appearing item on the menu when cooking with the Outdooroven. Placing a pizza in or taking it out of the oven is much easier en safer with the specially designed Pizza Shovel. This strong, aluminium shovel is easy to handle and is strong enough to take oven dishes out of the oven as well. shop now

Magnetic Thermometer

Unlike a regular indoor oven, the Outdooroven and Outdooroven XL don’t have an integrated thermometer in the oven part. It takes some time to get to know your oven and to figure out whether it has reached a certain temperature. The Magnetic Thermometer helps you to heat it to the right temperature every time. No more dish will burn in your oven. shop now

Outdooroven Door

The Outdooroven Door is specially made for the Outdooroven and doesn’t just add to the sturdy, industrial look. By adding this door, you will actually burn wood more efficiently. The temperature in the oven rises quicker due to the fireplace being closed off from the wind and the smoke is better extracted via the chimney for a better cooking result with less wood. shop now

Outdooroven Chimney Cowl

The chimney cowl comes in useful in several situations. The chimney cowl helps you lead the smoke in the right direction for the wind. Placing it in the opposite direction to let the wind flow around the cowl causes an increased draft and prevents downdraft. It also prevents small animals, snow or rain entering the chimney. The Cowl is easily placed or adjusted on the top.

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Outdooroven Extra Meter Pipe

The Extra Meter Pipe causes a stronger draught effect, which improves the heat distribution throughout the oven and leads to shorter cooking times. In addition, it helps you lead the smoke away on a higher level, preventing any smoke nuisance. The Extra Meter Pipe can also come in useful when installing the Outdooroven or Outdooroven XL as a outdoor kitchen underneath a roof. shop now

Outdooroven Floor Plate

The Outdooroven has a hearth with open fire which can spark and which will create a lot of heat. For this reason it is important to place the oven on an appropriate stable surface. Protect vulnerable subsurfaces like wooden terraces by placing the Floor Plate underneath your Outdooroven. Keep in mind that the Floor Plate will also corrode over time. It won’t protect the subsurface from rust.

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Outdooroven XL Base (XL only)

The Outdooroven XL should be placed on a sturdy, fireproof surface. The specially designed Outdooroven XL Base is a safe and stable base that offers just that. It is made from strong wood and has integrated screws to safely secure your Outdooroven with. It offers a proper working height and on the lower shelf there’s plenty of space for accessories, fire wood and cooking gear. shop now

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