Bakery Case bij Museum Voorlinden

Voorlinden - Frame Houses - Forestry - Tablebench

The temporary exposition of Wayne Thiebaud at Museum Voorlinden (Wassenaar, The Netherlands) was brought to life with the Bakery Case. It consisted of three pavilions in the gardens of the museum where drinks and Thiebaud themed cakes were served. This project was a collaboration between Museum Voorlinden, Just Haasnoot and Floris Schoonderbeek (founder and art director of Weltevree).

Cake and coffee served in Frame Houses

The Bakery Case consisted of pavilions created out of Weltevree Frame Houses. All pavilions were furnished by Just Haasnoot. They contained several Weltevree products, like the Forestry Set and Tablebench and chairs and tables by Muller van Severen. The pastries and drinks were served on especially designed Thiebaud tableware by De Intuïtiefabriek.

The connection between Voorlinden and Weltevree

Floris Schoonderbeek: “At Museum Voorlinden the architecture blends with the landscape and culture creating an atmosphere of peace and silence inside and outside of the museum. This environment intensifies how visitors experience the art exhibition. That attention for new influences perfectly matches with the philosophy of Weltevree and what we look for in products and projects. Although we have a love for beautiful things that are well made, we strongly believe life is about what you experience, not what you own.”

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