Accoya® wood: leading, durable and highly reliable

The Patioset fulfils all your needs; a unique garden bench that is comfortable offers privacy and looks good. All this inspired Bertjan Pot when designing the Patioset, which is not only a splendour for the eye but is also made of the very sustainable Accoya® wood, which lasts for at least 50 years. A very durable wood type with improved performance and is better for the environment. This makes the Patioset a wonderful addition to any indoor and outdoor environment for years to enjoy.

What is Accoya® wood?
Accoya® is wood, but not like you know most types of wood. This very innovative wood is treated with the acetylation process, a advances patented technology, which guarantees 50 years of use above the ground, and 25 years in soil or fresh water. The application of acetylation to fast-growing coniferous wood, a wood modification process that has been studied by scientist worldwide for more than 80 years, produces the the highly sustainable Accoya®. This way of woodwork doubles the lof of coatings and this makes the performance of this acrylic wood extremely reliable.

Why choose Accoya® wood?
Since 2007, Accoya® has been used all over the world for a wide range of outdoor applications such as facade cladding, floors, frames and the production of outdoor furniture. The acylated wood has been extensively tested for abrasion resistance, dimensional stability (it has little impact on shrinkage or swelling behavior, which keeps the shape stable), lacquer resistance and extended durability (Accoya® is wood that does not rot and even exceeds the durable teak) even when used in the ground or when it comes into contact with water or rain. Finally, you can easily paint or give the Accoya® a coating to give it a personal touch.

What do I need to pay attention to when maintaining the Accoya® wood?
We recommend spraying your Accoya® product twice a year with cleaning vinegar. Let it soak for three days and afterwards clean thoroughly with a sponge and water. We advise against cleaning the wood with a pressure washer.

How important is maintenance to the Accoya® wood?
To optimally preserve the quality and lifespan of the Accoya® wood and to secure your enjoyment for years to come, it is important to clean the wood twice a year.

Which weather conditions will the Accoya® wood withstand?
The Accoya® wood is designed for outdoor use and can withstand the daily weather conditions. The wood, however, will weather. If the product is placed outside, UV may cause it to gray. This also has its effect on the stained variants.

That the Patioset is a special and thoughtful design was already clear; but that it has such a sustainable image is only reinforced with the use of Accoya® wood. Accoya® has a long list of benefits that make this Patioset unique, thoughtful and very durable.

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