How to set the Forestry table for Christmas

Since we won’t be at our office during Christmas, we had our team Christmas dinner early! With a Forestry table available in our office, this was the perfect opportunity to show how we set this table for a cozy and festive Christmas dinner.

The Forestry table in our office

While the Forestry table is suited for outdoor use, it makes for a great indoor dinner table as well. In our office we have a 12 persons Forestry table, combined with 4 Forestry benches. Big enough to fit our entire team!

The Stringlight above our table and the Sheepskins on the benches make sure there is a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. And do you spot the sheepskins against the wall in the back? This is the Sheppard, which will be released in 2020…

Forestry table
How we set our Christmas table

Since an outdoor lifestyle is important to us as a brand, we brought the nature indoors for our Christmas table. Adding some green to the table creates a very natural, yet festive table setting. One that fits the natural look of the Forestry table.

Step 1: Place the Christmas tree branches and pinecones in the middle of the table

Step 2: Add some candles and divide them amongst the green. We went for different sized candle holders in green and clear glass. You can also opt to use the same candle holders or to use candlesticks for a chic look.

Step 3: Place your plates, bowls, cutlery and glasses of choice on the table. Since it is Christmas, we went for a classy black in both our plates and cutlery.

Step 4: You can add a personal touch with your napkins. We went for our brand color: Weltevree pink!

Step 5: All your table needs now is good food and good people. Enjoy your Christmas dinner!

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