Outdooroven recipe: popcorn

It is time to share another simple but delicious recipe. This one only uses a few ingredients: oil and popcorn kernels! Enjoy these last summer nights by popping your own bowl of popcorn over the fire.

  • Popcorn kernels
  • (Sunflower) oil
  • Salt or sugar to taste
  • Popcorn pan or oven dish

There are two different ways to make popcorn in the Outdooroven. By holding it directly over the fire or by placing an oven dish in the oven. Make sure the fire is not too high when popping the kernels over the fire. Use a popcorn pan for the ‘open fire’ method and an oven dish for the oven method.

Step 1: Heat the Outdooroven. Add a layer of oil to your pan or oven dish.

Step 2: Add a handful of popcorn kernels to the pan or oven dish.

Step 3: Hold the pan over the fire or place the oven dish into the Outdooroven. Make sure to cover with the lid. Shake once in a while to make sure the kernels don’t burn.

Step 4: Your popcorn is done once you stop hearing the popping sound.

Step 5: Empty the pan or oven dish in a bowl. Add the salt or sugar to taste and shake so everything is covered. Enjoy!


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