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At Weltevree we love outdoor cooking and outdoor living. The Outdooroven is a perfect example of this! How fun would it be to use your own ingredients while cooking with the Outdooroven this summer? From vegetables to herbs, if you start planting seeds now, you will enjoy your self-sufficient vegetable garden all summer long.

The spring, or more specifically the period after the last night frost, is a good period to sow new seeds in your garden. When you plant the seeds in April, you will enjoy the results in the same year.

Which vegetables and herbs can you sow in April?

If you have never dealt with growing your own vegetables before, it might be smart to start with the easier options. The following vegetables will almost always grow without any problems:

  • Beans
  • Lettuce
  • Arugula
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Indian cress

If you pick tomatoes, bell peppers or any other Mediterranean vegetable, you have to pre-sow the seeds indoors. From April onwards, the plants can be moved outdoors.

Most seeds can be planted from April onwards, meaning you are free to put together your own vegetable garden. Do think about how some vegetables require more experience than others, and think about which ingredients you often use in your dishes. This way you will get the most out of your vegetable garden!

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Tips for a successful vegetable garden:
2. Pick a sunny sheltered spot

It is important to pick the right spot to start your vegetable garden. Sun is essential! Choose a spot where it will be sunny for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Also make sure to pick a sheltered spot, so your crops are protected from the wind.

2. Always sow in a straight line

If you sow in a straight line, it will be much easier for you once you start to see results from your vegetables and herbs. As weeds will not follow the same straight line, you will know what you can remove and what should stay in the ground.

3. Make sure your paths are wide enough

When you can harvest your crops, you want to be able to have enough space to do so. Always leave enough space in between your rows of seeds. This will give you enough space for harvesting!

4. Put up signs or make a map

Make sure you know where everything is! It will take a while before you can harvest your crops. You do not want to forget which crop is which in the meantime! Clear signs or a drawn map will prevent this issue.


We would like to see what ingredients you use in your dishes! Show us your best Outdooroven recipes.


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