Weltevree founder Floris Schoonderbeek steps down as art director

Dutchtub Wood Floris Schoonderbeek

From Dutchtub to Weltevree…

During his graduation project for ArtEz in 2002, Floris looked for a way to experience and use the environment more intensively, and to be in contact with it, both physically and socially. From this desire he designed the Dutchtub, the now iconic wood fired outdoor bath.

In order to not have to be dependent upon the structures of existing product labels, where it can be difficult to launch a new type of product, Floris founded the unique Weltevree in 2008. Weltevree is now an established name and brand. Over the years, a professional team and growing group of designers and users has not only allowed the idea to grow, but the crew of people who share the same ambitions as Floris has expanded as well.

“After 15 years as art director I proudly say goodbye and hand over Weltevree to the team. I look forward to starting new collaborations and adventures from my own studio, among which the launch of the Groundfridge. However, I will also continue to contribute to Weltevree with new products. It is and always will be dear to me.”

Next to Weltevree, Floris has been active as a creative entrepeneur in the charging infrastructure for electric cars (NewMotion) and is now working on new activities like the Groundfridge, an innovative version of the traditional cellar. Innovation, experience, functionality and durability are typical features in his designs. The natural elements are part of each design as well. For more information on Studio Floris Schoonderbeek and all designs, visit their website.

As soon as June 2020 we will continue our collaboration with Floris by presenting two new products by Studio Floris Schoonderbeek: the Sheppard and the Waterworks. Stay tuned for more information!     

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