What are the current delivery times?

Due to a high demand, some of our products are going out of stock or taking longer to ship. We are staying on top of things so we can always inform you of the correct delivery time of your order. That is why we created this page: all correct delivery dates are listed below.

Delivery time
Products + delivery time

Dutchtub Original

Dutchtub Wood

Dutchtub Loveseat

Tablebench 2p Larch

Tablebench 4p Larch

Tablebench 4p Accoya

Beach Rocker Yellow/Green

Beach Chair Yellow/Green

Flying Dishman

Forestry Bench 3p 


Tea Towels Steelblue

35 weeks

35 weeks

35 weeks

To be determined

To be determined

To be determined

Early July

Early July

Mid July

Mid July

Late August

To be determined

Dutchtub Original – 35 weeks

Dutchtub Wood – 35 weeks

Dutchtub Loveseat – 35 weeks

Tablebench 2p Larch – Early July

Tablebench 4p Larch – Early July

Tablebench 4p Accoya – Early July

Beach Rocker Yellow/Green – Early July

Beach Chair Yellow/Green – Early July

Flying Dishman – Mid July

Forestry Bench 3p – Mid July

Waterworks – Late July

Tea Towels Steelblue – To be determined


Any further questions? We are happy to help! E-mail us at info@weltevree.nl or call us at +31 (0)33 2037037