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Festival tip: Surfana festival

Diesen September wird das 7. Surfana Festival stattfinden und Weltevree ist mit dabei! Festivals sind eine wunderbare Möglichkeit, das Urlaubsgefühl aufrecht zu erhalten. 3 Tage lang kommen Surfinteressierte aus der ganzen Welt im niederländischen Nationalpark Kennemerduinen zusammen. Es erwartet Sie eine gute Mischung von Musik, Kunst und Essen und Workshops, wobei Nachhaltigkeit groß geschrieben wird.

Configure your own Framehouse

Framehouse by Weltevree

Verwenden Sie den 3D-Konfigurator, um Ihr ideales Framehouse zu erstellen Our Framehouse gives you the option to create a personal space at any location. The wooden house-like frame is the base on which you can add other elements. You can add a roof if you want to be shielded from the rain, choose between an

Der Flying Dishman: Die Geschichte hinter dem Outdoor-Loungesofa

Flying Dishman by Weltevree

Der Flying Dishman ist das Ergebnis einer einzigartigen Zusammenarbeit mit dem niederländischen Künstler Joep van Lieshout. Aufgrund seines runden Designs bietet das Outdoor-Loungesofa einen einzigartigen 360°-Blick und ist der ideale Ort zum Entspannen. Aber diese luxeriöse Loungeinsel trägt ihren Namen nicht ohne Grund. Also, was ist nun die Geschichte und die Vision hinter dem Flying

Recipe: Polenta cake with orange and raspberries

Method Step 1. Light a fire in the Outdooroven and make sure the fire burns for at least an hour before you start cooking. Best is to use the heat that remains after grilling or preparing another oven dish for the main course. Like this the oven can reach the proper temperature (around 170 degrees Celsius)

Tea Towel Game Instructions: Checkers

Checkers is the American/English version of international draughts. It’s a straightforward, strategic game for two players. Have you never played Checkers before or has it been a while since you last played? Find out how to play Ludo in the instructions below. Equipment 1 Weltevree Tea Towel with Checkers pattern 2 x 12 tokens. Each player

How to: Split firewood like a lumberjack

Why split wood? Splitting wood is essential when preparing a fire. If you split wood long before you’ll need it, it will dry quicker and burn better. Especially oak, elm and birch (more dense wood types) benefit from splitting long before use. By splitting wood, you not only help the wood dry faster. The smaller,

How to: Light a fire using the Swiss method

Forget what you know about building fires: the Swiss method is here to stir up the fire making traditions. This method is a result of Swiss research on how to build a more environmentally friendly fire. It is energy efficient and leads to a cleaner burn with less smoke and better combustion. The Swiss method

Outdooroven accessories: How to adjust the Outdooroven to your needs.

3 Outdoorovens met accessoires op een houten terras

The Outdooroven and Outdooroven XL are all-round outdoor cookers for in a backyard, on a roof terrace or in any other outdoor space. Next to the included accessories (pizza stone and grill) there are several optional Outdooroven accessories available that offer outdoor chefs the possibility to adjust these ovens to their specific needs. Learn more

Announcement: Weltevree at Museum Voorlinden

Digital Image Pavilions at Voorlinden

From the 9th of June until the 18th of September visitors of Museum Voorlinden are presented with an exclusive exhibition of Wayne Thiebaud paintings. The experience of this exhibition is enriched with a visit to the ‚Bakery Case‘. These pavilions were co-initiated by Just Haasnoot and created by Weltevree founder and designer Floris Schoonderbeek. Inside visitors can

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