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Den Framehouse 3D-Konfigurator

Framehouse by Weltevree

Verwenden Sie den 3D-Konfigurator, um Ihr ideales Framehouse zu erstellen Unser Framehouse bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, an jedem Ort einen persönlichen Raum zu schaffen. Der holzhausartige Rahmen ist die Basis, der Sie weitere Elemente hinzufügen können. Sie können ein Dach hinzufügen, wenn Sie vor Regen geschützt werden möchten, zwischen einer Außenterrasse wählen oder stattdessen Holzböden

How to: Build a fire with minimal impact on your environment

Weltevree outdooroven next to a pool

The Weltevree Outdooroven and Dutchtub offer heat and comfort outdoors. In exchange, all they ask for is firewood. Using wood as a heat source is an environmentally conscious choice since it is a renewable resource. However, you do need to make sure you’re burning the wood the right way. When done correctly, you can enjoy

Extend the outdoor season at these unique accommodations.

With summer out of sight and the days getting shorter, we tend to focus on whatever is happening inside a lot more. But with the right tools and mindset, anyone can extend the outdoor season. Extending the outdoor season is not limited to your own backyard or terrace. This extension can also reach beyond those

Autumn activity: picking local fruits and vegetables

Autumn is the time to go outside and revel in the falling leaves and changing colors, either in the woods or in your own garden. Additionally, it’s an important time for orchards and pumpkin farms. Long after summer is over, fresh farm products are widely available in autumn. At Weltevree we support quality time and


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