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Report: Weltevree at IMM 2019

Report Weltevree at IMM 2019 From January 14th until January 20th Weltevree was present at the international trade fair IMM Cologne. At the Koelnmesse manufacturers and brands from all over the world presented their designs and services. In the center of Hall 2 (Pure Editions) Weltevree set up an exhibition, sharing the world of Weltevree

Weltevree catalogue 2019

Weltevree 2019 catalogue

At Weltevree we keep challenging ourselves to create inspiring, long-lasting products. The past year we’ve established new collaborations and have been working hard on developing new, durable products. We are happy to present the latest additions to our collection in the new Weltevree catalogue for 2019. You can browse the catalogue below or download it

Poplars: how are they made?

Manufacturing wooden shoes by hand is a true craft and is acknowledged as Dutch intangible cultural heritage. The first guild of clog makers dates back to around 1570 in Holland. Unfortunately, manufacturing wooden shoes by hand is a fleeting profession. Only a few craftsmen still practice it. The Weltevree Poplars are manufactured in one of

ECOPIXEL: die Möglichkeiten von recyceltem Kunststoff

Auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Material für den Behälter des neuen Carrier fand Weltevree in ECOPIXEL eine Lösung: einen recycelten Kunststoff. Wir waren fasziniert von den Möglichkeiten des recycelten Kunststoffs und den Vorteilen, die ECOPIXEL zu bieten hat. Produziert wird dieses geniale Material von Ecopixel, einem italienischen Unternehmen gleichen Namens. Die Marke wurde von

Tea Towel Game Instructions: Checkers

Checkers is the American/English version of international draughts. It’s a straightforward, strategic game for two players. Have you never played Checkers before or has it been a while since you last played? Find out how to play Ludo in the instructions below. Equipment 1 Weltevree Tea Towel with Checkers pattern 2 x 12 tokens. Each player

How to: Split firewood like a lumberjack

Why split wood? Splitting wood is essential when preparing a fire. If you split wood long before you’ll need it, it will dry quicker and burn better. Especially oak, elm and birch (more dense wood types) benefit from splitting long before use. By splitting wood, you not only help the wood dry faster. The smaller,

Entfachen Sie ein Feuer mit der Schweizer Methode

Vergessen Sie, was Sie über das Anlegen von Feuer wissen: Die Schweizer Methode ist hier, um die Traditionen der Feuerbildung aufzurütteln. Diese Methode ist das Ergebnis der Schweizer Forschung, wie man ein umweltfreundlicheres Feuer bauen kann. Es ist energieeffizient und führt zu einer saubereren Verbrennung mit weniger Rauch und einer besseren Verbrennung. Die Schweizer Methode

How to: Build a fire with minimal impact on your environment

Weltevree outdooroven next to a pool

The Weltevree Outdooroven and Dutchtub offer heat and comfort outdoors. In exchange, all they ask for is firewood. Using wood as a heat source is an environmentally conscious choice since it is a renewable resource. However, you do need to make sure you’re burning the wood the right way. When done correctly, you can enjoy

Recipe: Dutch spiced biscuit with almond paste filling

Speculaas Recipe: finished spiced biscuit on Weltevree Forestry Table and Tea Towel

Ingrediënts and tools For 12 servings 250 grams flour (take a little extra for rolling out the dough) 10 grams baking powder 10 grams speculaas spices: Mix cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, white pepper, ginger and cardamom in a ratio of 8:2:2:1:1:1   150 grams almond paste pinch of salt 130 grams brown sugar 150 grams butter 20 ml



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