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Wild Boar Mountain – Bedarieux, France

Wild Boar Mountain is an escape back to nature: the main goal of the accommodation is to offer people a quiet retreat away from all the hustle and bustle. Its estate has two acres of land and is located in Bedarieux, near Montpellier in the sunny region of Languedoc-Roussillon. The accommodation is surrounded by vineyards, orchards and mountains: a beautiful surrounding to extend the outdoor season. The area is home to many picturesque villages and is very suitable for outdoor sports like climbing, hiking and cycling.

At the estate of Wild Boar Mountain, there are several accommodations: from a tree house or shepherds hut to a luxurious guest or main house. All visitors can use the facilities on the premises like a saltwater pool and outdoor dining area, which is equipped with a Weltevree Outdooroven. The Main House and Guest House have a fully furnished terrace, amongst them are the Weltevree Fieldchairs. They can easily be moved towards the best spot of the terrace and offer comfort if you wish to immerse yourself in the green surroundings.

You can find out more about Wild Boar Mountain here.

Introduction 1. The Sheltered Glamping 2. Timber Cove Resort 3. Wild Boar Mountain
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