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Timber Cove Resort – Jenner, California, United States

Discover both forest and seaside at the Timber Cove Resort in California. It is a pet-friendly hotel located along the Sonoma Coast, considered one of the most beautiful coastlines of California. The surroundings offer a green and rugged environment with many wineries within reach. Here you can connect with nature without going camping. Apart from visiting nearby towns, the area is excellent for undertaking outdoor activities like rafting, hiking and kayaking.

The hotel describes itself as both hippie chic and rustic modern. It has rooms with an ocean of a forest view. The rooms are all comfortably equipped, with many extras coming from local of eco-friendly partners. The majority of the hotel’s balconies is equipped with Weltevree Fieldchairs and a Guidelight. The natural look of these chairs help blend in with the rustic surroundings and offers a relaxed seating position for anyone who wants to enjoy the view of the landscape and seaside.

You can find out more about Timber Cove Resort here.

Intro 1. The Sheltered Glamping 2. Timber Cove Resort 3. Wild Boar Mountain

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