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The Sheltered Glamping – Ventnor, Phillip Island, Australia
Located at Phillip Island, an island not too far from Melbourne, is The Sheltered Glamping. The Sheltered Glamping offers more than just glamping: staying here is embracing a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Here, visitors can enjoy luxurious camping (glamping) with a minimal footprint on the environment. The campsite is furnished with the help of GlamXperience, a company that strives to innovate the tourism industry and supports more sustainable tourism.

In the midst of the rugged nature of Australia is this open campsite near creeks and shore. The gem of the campsite is the Emperor Safari Tent: a large decorated tent equipped with solar power and energy efficient facilities. The shower is heated with solar-power (since there’s no lack of sunshine in Australia) and has an eco-toilet. When you wish to take a bath and enjoy the stars at the same time, a wood-burning Weltevree Dutchtub is at your disposal. At the campsite, you can find your way around the site or read a book with the light of a Weltevree Guidelight.

You can find out more about The Sheltered Glamping here.

Intro 1. The Sheltered Glamping 2. Timber Cove Resort 3. Wild Boar Mountain

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