Report: Weltevree at Museum Voorlinden

Voorlinden - Frame Houses - Forestry - Tablebench

Last week, the Wayne Thiebaud exhibition opened at Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar. Part of this exhibition are unique pavilions in the museum garden named ‘The Bakery Case’. These pavilions were co-initiatied by the museum and Just Haasnoot and created by Weltevree founder and art director Floris Schoonderbeek.

Real Wayne Thiebaud cakes
During the opening, press and art enthusiasts from all over the Netherlands gathered at Museum Voorlinden to enjoy the work of American painter Wayne Thiebaud. Especially known for his cake paintings, Thiebaud creates colorful portraits of food, people and landscape. The food was actually brought to life with Thiebaud themed cakes being served in the Bakery Case. Multi-layered cakes covered in icing and other colourful pastries were served with coffee in the museum garden.

Voorlinden Bakery Case

Weltevree products at Voorlinden
The Bakery Case consists of customized Frame Houses, a design by Floris Schoonderbeek himself. This concept will soon be added to the Weltevree collection. Inside and around the pavilions, visitors can use other Weltevree products like the Tablebench and Forestry Table and Bench.

The link between Voorlinden and Weltevree
Weltevree is proud to be part of this exhibition. Floris Schoonderbeek: “At Museum Voorlinden the architecture blends with the landscape and culture creating an atmosphere of peace and silence inside and outside of the museum. This environment intensifies how visitors experience the art exhibition. That attention for new influences perfectly matches with the philosophy of Weltevree and what we look for in products and projects. Although we have a love for beautiful things that are well made, we strongly believe life is about what you experience, not what you own.”

Voorlinden - Bakery Case - Frame House
Voorlinden Frame House - Forestry - Stringlight
Voorlinden Frame House 1

Visit the Bakery Case
The Wayne Thiebaud exposition and the Bakery Case will be at Museum Voorlinden from June 9th through September 16th, 2018. You can buy your tickets on the website of Museum Voorlinden.

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