Announcement: Weltevree at Museum Voorlinden

Digital Image Pavilions at Voorlinden

From the 9th of June until the 18th of September visitors of Museum Voorlinden are presented with an exclusive exhibition of Wayne Thiebaud paintings. The experience of this exhibition is enriched with a visit to the ‘Bakery Case’. These pavilions were co-initiated by Just Haasnoot and created by Weltevree founder and designer Floris Schoonderbeek. Inside visitors can reflect on the paintings and enjoy pastries and the view of the inspiring gardens of the museum in Wassenaar.

The idea behind the pavilions

Painter Wayne Thiebaud is known for his technique called ‘object transference’ in which he creates a sculpture out of paint. His work has resulted in an extensive collection of bright paintings with very realistic depictions of people, landscapes and food. Thiebaud is especially known for his cake paintings. To bring these objects to life outside of the museum, Museum Voorlinden and interior architect Just Haasnoot worked together on the concept of outdoor pavilions where actual pastries could be served. The design was eventually made and realized in cooperation with Floris Schoonderbeek.

Wayne Thiebaud Painting Sixteen Pies

Sixteen Pies (1965) by Wayne Thiebaud.

Undivided attention for Wayne Thiebaud

The tablebenches and other Weltevree products will accompany the visitors to enrich their experience in the gardens of Museum Voorlinden. An experience which instantly connects to the philosophy of Weltevree: undivided attention.


Event: Exhibition of Wayne Thiebauds work and pavilions at Museum Voorlinden
Location: Buurtweg 90, Wassenaar, The Netherlands
Date: June 9th – September 18th 2018
Daily opening hours: 11:00 – 17:00h

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