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Bakery Case bij Museum Voorlinden

Voorlinden - Frame Houses - Forestry - Tablebench

The temporary exposition of Wayne Thiebaud at Museum Voorlinden (Wassenaar, The Netherlands) was brought to life with the Bakery Case. It consisted of three pavilions in the gardens of the museum where drinks and Thiebaud themed cakes were served. This project was a collaboration between Museum Voorlinden, Just Haasnoot and Floris Schoonderbeek (founder and art

Report: Weltevree at Museum Voorlinden

Voorlinden - Frame Houses - Forestry - Tablebench

Last week, the Wayne Thiebaud exhibition opened at Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar. Part of this exhibition are unique pavilions in the museum garden named ‘The Bakery Case’. These pavilions were co-initiated by the museum and Just Haasnoot and created by Weltevree founder and art director Floris Schoonderbeek. Real Wayne Thiebaud cakes During the opening, press

The Patio set in Paris project ’10 Grenelle’

Patio high back Paris

After a renovation that took over five years, a new building has emerged in the fifteenth Paris district. The former headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by famous French architect Pierre Dufau in 1960, has been completely redesigned and adjusted to contemporary requirements. The building, that is situated at the 10 Grenelle Boulevard, is

Hoog Vuur

De Nieuwe Stad, an innovative micro-city in Amersfoort did not want standalone hospitality but a meeting place for all users and visitors of the area. Together with a team of well-known Weltevree-designers like Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff, but also with locals like ceramist Frans Ottink, the cafe-restaurant HOOG VUUR was developed. dining kitchen of De


Since August 2016 MAN architects has occupied the (art-deco) building, Kalkstraat 62 at Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. This special building has an inspirational area, called FABRIECK. Designed by ARCK and MAN architects, the area – with a surface of approx. 176 square metres – is available for activities of creative people. Sit down at a Forestry table, use the Stringlight for decoration,


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