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How to keep your Weltevree outdoor furniture well-maintained

wood maintenance

It is almost time for spring and outdoor living! While you are probably longing for some sunshine, your outdoor furniture might be longing for some maintenance! Get your furniture ready in time for spring, so you can enjoy them the full outdoor season. Here are our maintenance tips. Accoya wood Accoya is a sustainable and

Weltevree founder Floris Schoonderbeek steps down as art director

Dutchtub Wood Floris Schoonderbeek

From Dutchtub to Weltevree… During his graduation project for ArtEz in 2002, Floris looked for a way to experience and use the environment more intensively, and to be in contact with it, both physically and socially. From this desire he designed the Dutchtub, the now iconic wood fired outdoor bath. In order to not have



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