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Weltevree goes to Milan

Spontaneous meetings at unexpected places From 17 to 22 April Weltevree will be in Milan during the ‘Salone del Mobile 2018’ participating in several events. Nowadays most people tend to live their lives fast: always trying to be part of everything and forgetting to appreciate the small moments of happiness. During the ‘Salone del Mobile’ Weltevree will make a tour through Milan to host a number

MoMA New York

For their museum shops, MoMA identifies particular design objects that epitomizes an important movement, collection, or designer rather than creating a complete catalogue of every item of a movement, collection, or artist. We are proud that this year, they have chosen two of our product to launch in their shops; the Patio Highback and Guidelight.

Recap: OBJECT Rotterdam 2018

This years OBJECT Rotterdam, held last weekend, exchanged cruise ship SS Rotterdam for a new and special location: the HAKA building in Rotterdam, an industrial national monument from 1931. Located in the city harbors of Rotterdam and with a very characteristic industrial appearance, the HAKA building offered a creative platform for established names and young

The power of Corten steel

The reason that our Outdoorovens are covered with a thick layer of rust is not only because it is a nice addition to a robust product; this very special kind of steel is called ‘Corten steel’ and this layer of rust gives the Outdooroven the opportunity to protect itself better against all types of weather. Corten

OBJECT Rotterdam 2018

Object Rotterdam Weltevree

From February 9th-11th we will exhibit during OBJECT Rotterdam 2018 and present the brand new Tablebench for the very first time to our Dutch audience. OBJECT is thé place where the cutting edge between design, crafts, fashion, architecture and art becomes evident and it is a must-see for collectors, professionals and other design-minded people. The fair is

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Weltevree Tablebench

Weltevree has grown immensely in the last year, and we continue this path in 2018 starting with a successful presentation at IMM Cologne. With the international launch of our newest product, the smart Tablebench and our compact, yet powerful presentation, we subtly immersed the visitor in the world of Weltevree. We are looking back at a fruitful week

The Patio set in Paris project ’10 Grenelle’

Patio high back Paris

After a renovation that took over five years, a new building has emerged in the fifteenth Paris district. The former headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by famous French architect Pierre Dufau in 1960, has been completely redesigned and adjusted to contemporary requirements. The building, that is situated at the 10 Grenelle Boulevard, is

Experience our products in 3D and augmented reality

Dutchtub 3d model

Experience the products of Weltevree better than ever in 3D and augmented reality with the new SayDuck application. With this app, available in Android and iOs, you can virtually decorate every environment. Browse among all Weltevree products in every color, and place them anywhere you want. With the 3D viewer, you can get to know



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