How does the natural circulation of the Dutchtub Original work?

outdoor Dutchtub heating up

When you want to enjoy a warm bath in the outdoors, you will need to warm up the water in the tub. To do so in the Weltevree hottub, it is not as simple as plugging in the hot tub and pressing start. The water in the Dutchtub Original is heated by a fire that you light yourself: natural circulation will do the rest.

What are the steps to filling a Dutchtub?

Before natural circulation can start, you need to fill the Dutchtub with water and start the fire. Find a short summary below! For an extended step-by-step plan, please find the steps here.

  1. Put the plug in the bottom hole in the Dutchtub
  2. Connect the garden hose to the filling valve on the spiral and turn on the tap
  3. Light a fire in the basket inside the spiral
  4. Place the cover over the tub to keep the heat inside
  5. Once the water has reached the top of the word Weltevree on the logo, you can turn off the tap
  6. Now remove the plug from the bottom hole inside the Dutchtub. This will start up the natural circulation
spiral with fire Dutchtub
Dutchtub heating up
spiral with fire Dutchtub
Dutchtub heating up
How does the natural circulation start?

Once the bottom plug is removed, the water inside the Dutchtub can start its natural flow. The water will pass through the spiral from the bottom of the tub to the top. Since the spiral itself is heated by the fire, it will proceed to warm up the water inside it. This way, when the water flows back into the tub, it will be warm!

To distribute the warm water throughout the tub quickly and evenly, you can stir the water every now and then. It takes around 2 hours for the water to reach a temperature of 38 degrees, but there are ways to speed up this process. Keep in mind that the fire will keep heating the water even further beyond this point. So, if your preferred temperature is reached, take it easy with the fire.

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