The Swing is the ultimate way to embrace your freedom

Swing street

The Swing successfully challenges people to look at their environment differently. The mobile Swing can be hung from any suitable tree or pole. Once you start looking at the world through those eyes, a whole new world of possibilities opens up!

Redefine the public space 

In his designs, Thor ter Kulve always likes to challenge the world around him. He wants to “redefine public space” and turn it into a playground. His design of the Swing is the perfect example of that. In his words: “the Swing asks for a lot more creativity of the user itself, because all you need is a vertical pole or tree. As a user, you start to look at your environment in a way where you’ll go: ‘wait a minute! I can hang the Swing there and that tree is perfect as well!’ You just suddenly start to see it everywhere.”

Swing outside
frame swing around tree
Embrace your freedom

This mindset is exactly what the Swing aims to achieve. It literally turns your world into a playground. To us, swinging is not just for little kids. Want to know why? It is a great way to get rid of daily struggles. You can leave your phone and worries behind and just swing as high as you can! Like Thor himself says: “The Swing is the ultimate way of experiencing freedom”. 

How to use it safely 

Before you start using the Swing, it is important to know how to use it safely. A tree needs to be straight, sturdy and has to have a circumference of 94-204 centimeters before it is deemed suitable for the Swing. Check out our step-by-step manual to find out how to mount the Swing to the tree.  

Show us the Swing in use

Where would you use the Swing? In your own backyard or somewhere in nature? We are curious to know and would love to see your pictures. Use #worldofweltevree to get featured on our Instagram or inspiration page. 

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