Have a greener Christmas this year

Weltevree christmas guidelight

Are you ready for the festive season? Christmas is only moments away. Between picking your Christmas tree, putting up fairy lights and wrapping your presents, how do you make sure you celebrate a more sustainable Christmas?

Adopt a tree

The best thing to do would be to not get a tree at all, but there’s no fun in that! While you can come up with alternatives like a wooden Christmas tree, you can also rethink the way you get your tree. Why not adopt a tree? That way it gets replanted after having spent Christmas as your house. You can even lend the same exact tree for up to 5 years! If you prefer a fake tree, try and find a second hand one instead of buying a brand-new tree.

Use natural Christmas decorations

Instead of buying plastic decorations, go for a more natural approach! Follow a tutorial and create your own decorations from things you find in nature, like twigs, branches and pinecones. A rustic and cozy homemade look always works well during the festive season. If you’re not as creative, there are plenty of wooden decorations in stores. The natural, Scandinavian style will bring a warm atmosphere to your house. And the best part: the decorations will last for many years to come!

Give gifts that last for a long time

Gifts are a part of Christmas. But you can make sure to pick a durable present.  Something that will last way beyond the holiday season or something homemade. Get inspired by our gift page and choose a sturdy product made from a high-quality material. Or gift something like a house plant! Both gifts will be around for years to come (if taken care of well). You could also wrap up some homemade baked goods: a personal touch goes a long way.

Go for durable wrapping paper

You can make more sustainable choices in the wrapping of your presents too. Each year, a lot of wrapping paper gets thrown away. Instead of picking normal wrapping paper, which is non-recyclable, go for brown paper! Brown paper is completely natural, making it a conscious choice. Moreover, it will give your presents a stylish and simple look. With a bit of added (reusable) ribbon, you can make the present as personal as you want.

Switch to LED Christmas lights

And last but not least: if you haven’t yet, definitely switch to LED Christmas lights to limit your impact on the environment.  

Merry Christmas!

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