What the Waterworks can do for your garden: giveaway winner

To celebrate the launch of the Waterworks, our newest product, we organized an exciting giveaway. The winner? The one with the messiest outdoor tap of course! With this giveaway we wanted to show you the way in which the Waterworks helps you tidy your garden space.

The benefits of the Waterworks

It can be hard to keep your garden tidy with things like a water bucket, water hose or watering can lying around. The mess always seems to gather around your outdoor water tap. The Waterworks by Floris Schoonderbeek was designed with exactly this problem in mind and it offers a simple solution: it transforms your existing water tap into a clever station with counter space, storage space and a proper water tap.

The lucky winner

We received lots of entries of wonderfully messy outdoor water taps. It was hard to pick just one! The lucky winner of the Waterworks giveaway is Loes! She shared a picture of her messy outdoor tap and mentioned how the Waterworks could definitely help her tidy up her messy city garden and help to make it greener. So, we felt like her city garden deserved a transformation!

After we delivered and installed the Waterworks for her, Loes was very happy to see it when she got home: “It looks beautiful!! It blew me away when I got home. I am as happy as a child”.

… and after!
… and after!

We hope to see your transformation soon. Order the Waterworks now and share your before and after pictures with #worldofweltevree.

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