Enjoy outdoor living with the Bended Series

At Weltevree we always try to encourage you to go outside and explore your surroundings. However, at the moment, we can not go too far from home. But luckily, with the right additions to your garden, there is no need to leave it! Our latest product release will definitely help in creating that holiday feeling and outdoor lifestyle in your own back yard. From outdoor dining, to working outdoors or simply relaxing in the sun, the new Bended Series has got you covered. Find out all about our latest garden set.

One of the best features of the aluminum Bended Series is the design behind it. Designer Jaïr Straschnow used a smart manipulation and bended the edges of the aluminum plates inwards at a 45 degrees angle. This hides all connecting screws and eliminates sharp edges, creating a sleek and modern look. Moreover, the result of this technique is an extremely strong, yet flexible structure. The flexibility allows the structure to adapt to the surface it stands on. In short: this furniture set will never wobble!

The entire Bended Series is made from aluminum, a durable, long lasting and recyclable material. Did you know seventy-five percent of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today? This durability and recyclability is very important to us at Weltevree, but it brings other practical benefits too: the Bended Series is almost completely maintenance free! Simply clean it off with some water and a soft cloth and you are done.

The spacious Bended Series consists of three differently sized tables, a bench with or without a backrest, and a comfortable stool. This means there is a right fit for every outdoor space! Whether you are looking for a cozy seating area on your balcony or a large dining table for up to twelve people in the garden. You have the option to choose between two different colors: pale green or grey blue. What piece of furniture and color will you for?


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