The Sheepscoat will keep you warm in early spring

scheepscoat warm fire

Early days in spring can be on the chilly side. How do you stay warm on an early spring evening? You could of course light a fire in the Outdooroven, but our Sheepscoat brings another natural solution. How does the Sheepscoat keep you warm?

Insulating qualities

Our Sheepscoats are made from real sheeps wool. When you use them on your seat, the sheepskins immediately adjust to your body temperature, acting as an insulator. This will keep you nice and warm on chilly days. Moreover, the wool from the Sheepscoat is soft to the touch, making any seat comfortable to sit on.

Secure it to your chair

Every Sheepscoat comes with a cow leather loop. This loop can be used to tie the Sheepscoat to your chair, so it will stay in place. This way you won’t have to readjust your sheepskin every time you stand up! Our Fieldchair has the ideal size for a Sheepscoat and offers space to tie the leather loop to! 

scheepscoat roll up
scheepscoat roll up
Roll it up and use it as a pillow

If you are looking for a soft cushion, the leather loop can also be used to roll up the Sheepscoat and use it as a pillow for your back or to rest your head on. The leather loop allows you to bundle up the sheepskin into a soft compact package. This feature is also great for storing away your Sheepscoat, if necessary.

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