Platowood: a special type of wood

Dutchtub wood Platowood

The Dutchtub Wood is the sibling of the Dutchtub Original. But as siblings tend to be, they are quite different. In contrast to the brighter Dutchtub Original, the Dutchtub Wood has a natural look: the glass fiber tub is covered with wooden panels, making the tub blend in with its surroundings. What type of wood is used and why is this material such a good fit for the Dutchtub Wood?

The benefits of Platowood

If you are looking for a hot tub with a more natural appearance, the Dutchtub Wood is the one to go for. The wooden panels that cover this bath are made of Platowood Fraké, a sustainable and sturdy type of wood. There are many characteristics and benefits to Platowood that are worth sharing:

  1. Environmentally friendly resources

The wood used for Platowood comes from sustainably managed and certified forests. This means only renewable resources are used. So, you can relax taking a bath: it is guaranteed no people, nature or animals were hurt.

  1. A special platonising process

The name Platowood comes from the unique patented process called platonising. Most wood types only undergo a process of drying and heating, but platonising consists of three steps where water and heat are used to reinforce the wood: hydrothermolysis, drying and curing. Since this method uses only water and heat, Platowood is environmentally friendly at this stage too. There are no chemical substances added.

Dutchtub wood
  1. Suitable for all climates

The platonising process decreases the moisture content in the wood to just 4 to 6 percent. This means the wood is barely affected by moisture fluctuations. The wood will keep its shape in any climate or season! 

Since the wood almost does not shrink or swell, Platowood requires little to no maintenance. It is the ideal type of wood to use around a hot tub full of moisture and heat.

  1. A guaranteed long lifespan

Last but not least, Platowood has a very long lifespan. The unique platonising process strengthens the wood, while also limiting the possibility of molds. The lifespan of Platowood is at least 50 years!

Discover all about this natural and wood fired outdoor bath. Do you prefer the colorful Dutchtub Original or would you rather take a bath in the natural Dutchtub Wood?

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