Bring Weltevree inside

Many of our products encourage you to go outside and explore your surroundings – all year round. However, this does not mean our products can only be used outside. There are many ways to include the Weltevree furniture in your interior. We’d like to share some inspiration and styling ideas with you. Perfect for these colder winter months.

Bring the ambience with the Guidelight

We often write about the outdoor benefits of the Guidelight, but it also brings a nice atmosphere to any interior. The fact that you can dim the LED light by rotating the switch means you can choose the light intensity yourself. Brighten up a dark corner of your house or dim the lights to fit a cozy evening. You could also turn the head and use the spotlight to bring some light to your displayed art!

Enjoy your meal at the Forestry Refined table

The Forestry table celebrates the quality of Dutch wood. It is made from two connected planks, both made out of one piece of wood and is available in a Raw or Refined version. The Refined edition is very suited for indoor use: the straight, sanded edges add a touch of sophistication to the whole look. Add a Forestry bench and some chairs to create a sophisticated yet sturdy dining area. The Forestry table also looks great in an office space.

Create a cozy fire with the Woodstock

No better way to spend the winter months than to sit by the fire. The Woodstock will help you bring the firewood you need inside and functions as a storage place as well. Store the logs inside the frame by stacking them up, attach the trolley to the frame, and simply roll your firewood inside. The slick black steel of the frame will look great next to the fireplace and as an addition to your interior.

Woodstock inside fireplace
Store your things in the Carrier

Chances are you could use more storage space and seating space. The Carrier offers both those things and also functions as a side table. The steel wired basket can hold toys, blankets, magazines and more. It also offers you a spot to sit on or can be used as a side table to hold your drinks. How will you use this multifunctional piece of furniture? Since it is available in both grey and yellow, you can go for a bolder or more classic look.

carrier indoors side table
Carrier blankets indoors
Enjoy the multifunctionality of the Tablebench

Since the Tablebench functions as a (picnic) table, desk and bench, it can serve many different purposes inside your home. It is a great addition to a living room with limited space for example. Put it up against a well and you can use it in every way possible: as a desk during work hours, as a bench for some relaxed reading and as a compact dinner table in the evening. If you have more space, combine two Tablebenches into a unique dining space.

tablebench indoors
tablebench indoors
Use the Local Habitat as a unique vase

While the Local Habitat can be used to discover and observe insects, it also doubles as a vase! You can simply fill the vase with freshly cut flowers or use the shape of the Local Habitat to create your own terrarium. The bubbles on the side give off a great effect when filled with plants of your choice.

Local Habitat vase
Local Habitat terrarium

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