Butcher of Blue x Weltevree: special edition Poplars

Together with men’s clothing brand Butcher of Blue we will soon launch a special edition of the Poplars, our modern redefinition of the classic wooden clog. This Dutch Design Awards Nominee 2019 will be transformed into the typical Butcher of Blue style in this special edition.

A unique collaboration

How did both brands end up collaborating? We both design and come up with our products from a shared vision: we stand for high quality products made from honest materials that last a lifetime and allow for an active and conscious lifestyle. This unique ‘Hook-Up’ between us both is the logical result!

The clog as a modern design product

The shared passion for craftsmanship, durability and design meet in the Poplars by designer Lex Pott. This modern clog is made from one piece of Dutch poplar wood, a durable, honest and local material. Just like any clog, this wooden shoe will last for many years and can be completely broken down at the end of its lifecycle. The Poplar shows that alternatives to plastic can be found close to home. 

After centuries of no change, the classic clog has been geared up for modern life, without losing the comfort and benefits of the original wooden shoe. The idea behind the Poplars also closely relates to the current importance of a sustainable lifestyle. As Lex Pott states himself: “After all these years, wooden shoes are still a convenient and natural shoe for gardening or on a roof terrace.” The Poplar encourages you to go outdoors and have an active lifestyle!

Butcher of Blue Weltevree Poplars

The Butcher of Blue x Weltevree Poplar will soon be exclusively available at Butcher of Blue. The special edition clog is finished in the recognizable dark green Butcher of Blue color and completed with a stylish pin. 

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