Join World Cleanup Day on September 21st

The world is going to look a little cleaner after Saturday September 21st. Just like last year, the Plastic Soup Foundation will coordinate World Cleanup Day in the Netherlands. But it is a world-wide event: over 160 countries will organize cleanups to get rid of the amount of litter in nature. Not only will this day lead to a cleaner environment, it will also provide data on how to find solutions for the future.

The success of 2018

World Cleanup Day was a big success in 2018. With over 18 million volunteers from over 24 time zones, around 88 million kilos of waste were collected. With the event growing each year, this number will surely get bigger.

Where does the litter come from?

The aim of World Cleanup Day is not only to clean up as much waste as possible, but to find out what type of litter can be found where. The type of litter can be listed in the Literati app or TrashOut app (depending on where you take part), creating a map of the location of the waste. By getting all this information, solutions can be created to prevent littering in the future.

Join World Cleanup Day

Curious to join in cleaning up our world? Organize and register your own cleanup event or join an existing one in your neighborhood! World Cleanup Day has all the further information you need. 

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