Report: our week during Salone del Mobile 2019

Weltevree Milan

Weltevree during Milan Design Week 2019

Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan went by fast, but what a week it was! From the 9th until the 14th of April visitors could come and explore our presentation at Ventura Centrale. Inside we created a lively pool setting in which we showcased our most iconic products and released five new additions to the Weltevree collection. 

New Weltevree launches

All around the pool you could find the Flying Dishman, a circular lounge island created from an exciting collaboration with Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout. The circular design allows for a unique 360 degrees view and offers you the ideal place to take a break. Next to this, the Spade set by Tom Fereday was presented. This bistro set has space for three people and is inspired by a spade’s socket connection. The three legs are attached to the table top in a similar way.

New to the collection as well is the Rabat Shelving by designer Lex Pott: a closet for indoors and outdoors, inspired by the wooden cladding technique you see in architecture in Sweden. This technique is turned around, creating a shelf support and functionality on the inside of the closet. It works well as a room divider and is the ideal addition to your outdoor kitchen. Around the pool visitors could discover the Local Habitat, a glass research bowl by designer and Weltevree art director Floris Schoonderbeek. In Milan, some of the bowls were filled with tadpole, a preview of how you can use it to discover ecosystems nearby at home. Floris also introduced the Sheppard: a wall system to create your own soft textured wall. The 12 dots and elastic bands allow you to fill your wall with sheep skins or blankets. 

Finalist in the Ro Plastic Prize

While in Milan, we attended the first edition of the Ro Plastic Prize by Rossana Orlandi, where we were a finalist in the Design category with the Flying Dishman by Joep Van Lieshout. This prize has been launched to challenge and inspire designers to think differently about the plastic problem. How can plastic waste be used to make and design things differently? Since the Flying Dishman is made from recycled plastics from post usage waste, it fits this category perfectly. The recycled material used for the Flying Dishman comes from roughly grinded containers, which are subsequently micronized to a powder perfect for the production of the Flying Dishman. Due to the constant source of this material, a high percentage of recycled material is achieved. All while keeping the strength it needs to enjoy the lounge island and relax with multiple people at once!

We congratulate German designer Alexander Schul who won the Plastic Prize in the category Design, with his innovative furniture collection made entirely from sheets of high-impact polystyrene. We were honored to be a finalist in this international prize which addresses plastic as a global problem, so we can all become part of the solution. 
Find out more about our new products

Curious to find out more about our five latest releases? Check our Milan paper for all the background information on these new products.

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