Forestry Set: Raw vs. Refined

The Forestry Set has been part of the Weltevree collection for several years now. It consists of a separate Forestry Table and Forestry Bench. Weltevree now introduces the Forestry Set Refined with the original Set being renamed Raw, after it’s natural, rough look. The new Forestry Set Refined is created for whoever prefers a less organic design that still shows the beauty of wood from the Dutch forests. 

How do the Refined and Raw edition differ?
The new Refined editions of the Forestry Table and Forestry Bench have a smoother appearance than the original Raw editions. Both the table and bench have straight, sanded edges. The untreated wood is ‘tamed’ at the edges, but the surfaces still show the beauty of the original tree with all its unique knots and lines. Its surfaces are highly suitable for treatment with a wood oil. 

The original Raw edition is made of the same wood but the organic shape of the outer edges is left untouched. These edges are not always straight and are determined by the shape of the tree. They even show signs of the original bark. This creates a raw and all-natural look.



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