Tea Towel Game Instructions: Checkers

Checkers is the American/English version of international draughts. It’s a straightforward, strategic game for two players. Have you never played Checkers before or has it been a while since you last played? Find out how to play Checkers in the instructions below.


  • 1 Weltevree Tea Towel with Checkers pattern
  • 2 x 12 tokens. Each player plays with 12 tokens. Mark them with a certain color, pattern or other characteristic.


  • Place the Tea Towel on an even surface. Examples of suitable surfaces are: a table, picnic blanket, floor, large flat rock or even the beach. The board is positioned with a light square in the bottom right corner.
  • Collect your tokens. Each player choses his or her own tokens to play with and marks them with a recognizable color or pattern if necessary.
  • The two players sit across from each other. The pattern on the Tea Towel equals the pattern of a Checkers game board with 8 x 8 squares. Each player places their tokens in front of them in three rows. Tokens should only be set up on the dark squares.

Goal of the game

Try to capture all of your opponent’s checkers or trap your opponent so no more move can be made.


  • Player one (usually this is the player with the black checkers) begins with making a move. The checkers can be moved forward diagonally one space at a time.
  • Players take turns moving one checker at a time. A single checker can only move forward and may not be moved backwards.

Capture a checker

  • A checker is captured by jumping over the opponent’s checker with your own checker. This can be done when the square behind your opponent’s checker is empty. If possible, multiple jumps can be made with the same checker.
  • If a player can make a capture, he has to make a capture. Even if this causes disadvantage. When the player has the possibility to either capture multiple checkers or a kinged checker, he can choose which move to make first.  

Become a king

  • If a player is able to move their checker to the other side of the board, that checker is crowned king. A checker of the same player is stacked on top to signify the checker to be king. A kinged checker can move forward and backward on the board. 

End of the game

  • If a player cannot make a move, either because he has no checkers left or he is trapped, he loses.

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