Douglas: the strength of locally sourced wood

When choosing a type of wood to use as material for outdoor furniture, there are many possible options. At Weltevree we value high quality, durable materials. We are determined to design our products in such a way that they last a long time and withstand the weather conditions throughout the year. In this article, you will find more information about Douglas wood: the base of our Forestry Table and Bench. 

What are the benefits of Douglas wood?

Douglas wood comes from the Douglas pine tree and is known for being durable and well applicable in outdoor furniture. The wood is resinous and will expel resin even after a long time. This is a sign of its strength since the resin helps protect the wood against rot. Even without treatment, this wood can last up to 10-15 years and because treatment with chemical products isn’t necessary: it’s an even better choice for the environment. On top of these features, Douglas wood creates a warm atmosphere due to its orange colour and is decorated with many lines from the tree’s growth rings. When left untreated, the wood will turn into a graceful greyish blue over the years.

Staatsbosbeheer laadt de houtoogst uit de Nederlandse bossen op een vrachtwagen.

Wood from the forests of the Dutch Forestry Commission is loaded
onto a truck to be processed. (Photo by Hans van den Bos)

The un planks for the

Long planks of Dutch Douglas wood are processed and assembled by our manufacturer to create Forestry Tables and Benches.

Where does our Douglas wood come from?

Our Forestry Table and Bench are made of locally sourced wood from the Dutch forests. These forests are visited by Dutch citizens for recreational purposes and provide a habitat for the national flora and fauna. Each of these forests is sustainably managed by Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission). Staatsbosheer’s approach to forest management has lead to this wood acquiring the FSC®-certification for sustainability.

How sustainable is the locally sourced Douglas wood?

Staatsbosbeheer regularly cuts down old trees and plants new trees. This helps maintain the quality of the wood from these forests and leads to healthy forests that can fixate as much CO2 as possible, which is good for the environment. Every year, the Dutch forests yield 310.000 m3 of wood through harvesting (source: Hollands Hout). This wood is then sold by the organization of Hollands Hout to whoever is interested in locally sourced wood. Amongst the interested parties are companies, but private individuals as well.

Boshuisje op Camping Stortemelk met

Why did we choose Douglas wood for our Forestry Set?

Not all of our products are made of Douglas wood. Nevertheless, we believe in finding the right fit of material for each design. The Forestry Set is made of Douglas wood because it is very durable, even when it’s left untreated. This made it possible for us to show the true untreated face of the wood from the Dutch forests. Douglas trees also yield long pieces of wood without branches interrupting the surface, making it ideal to use in our long Forestry Benches and Tables. Our 12p Forestry Table measures over 4 meters in length. It is made of just a few planks and still provides space for many people to enjoy quality time together.

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