The story behind the iconic Beach Rocker

If you take a quick look at our Beach Rocker and Beach Chair, you might think ‘what you see is what you get’. But like every Weltevree product, there is a designer and a story behind them. Find out more in this article about Erik Stehmann and his iconic chairs.

Encouraging to relax

It all started out with designer Erik Stehmann, who in the past has worked with Weltevree and founder and art director Floris Schoonderbeek. To help Roof Garden Arnhem he wanted to design a unique item to use at their event. This event was held for five years in a row on a rooftop in the Dutch city of Arnhem. Erik wanted the item to be playful, easy to carry and store and most of all comfortable: it had to encourage the user to relax.

Beach Chairs at Rosanna Orlandi

A playful design

Erik Stehmann felt that either a beach chair or a rocking chair would fit his requirements, but didn’t want to settle for the designs as we know them. He came up with a combination of both designs. This resulted in the Beach Rocker, a beach chair with an additional fun factor: the wooden rockers. This makes any outdoor experience not only comfortable but playful as well. Evidently the Beach Chair is based on this design and is a modern interpretation of the chair as we know it.

Maximize comfort, minimize space

Both the Rocker and the Chair are designed with great attention to detail which has resulted in a chair which is comfortable, foldable and compactly stackable at the same time. Both chairs take as little space as is necessary for them to provide the user with maximum comfort. This means you can stack 20 chairs on top of each other and only need a space that measures one meter in height.

Behind the color scheme

The characteristic colors of the canvas of the Beach Chair and the Beach add up to the playful experience. These colors were specially designed by Raw Color, a design studio in Eindhoven. They are inspired on the horizon: the sunset and sundown. This makes the chairs a good place to take a seat while enjoying those moments.

Erik Stehmann

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Beach Chair Yellow


Beach Chair

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Beach Rocker

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