A new age, sustainable choices

“We live in an interesting time in which sustainable choices have to be made.” Floris Schoonderbeek, aside from doing Art direction for Weltevree, designs products that contribute to the changes necessary for the preservation and utilization of our environment. Together with Kitty de Jong from the dutch designers magazine ‘Dude’, Floris talks about a new age and sustainable choices.

Floris graduated ArtEZ in Arnhem in 2002. His final project was the Dutchtub. “I didn’t want to design a jacuzzi and believed that it was possible to live freely, even in an urban environment. What’s more liberating than a nice, hot bath at a place of your choosing?” The firewood-driven hot tub brings you back to the essence of nature; chopping wood, building a fire, and enjoying a warm bath in your own space or, deliberately, in the middle of nowhere.

“Mankind faces great dilemmas daily. Our way of life must change and sustainable choices are just the start.” Floris sees mostly opportunities and tackles the challenge head-on. With playful designs and unpolished, yet strokable, products he has conquered the hearts of many design-fans. Aesthetics don’t come first. Instead, the products tune into the needs of this day and age while concept and function lead. Man is brought closer to nature and challenged to venture outside.

Sustainable choices

The sustainable choice is not just reflected in Floris’ designs, but also in his private life, where the choice for a healthy earth is central, as testified by his five-year long, and on-going, ownership of an electric car. This choice begs a different perspective towards mobility. “You get used to it and there are increasingly more utilities.” Floris has contributed to these utilities with the design of the Lolo charging pole. In cooperation with ‘Since 1416’ and ‘The New Motion’, this pole can now be used and found in the ‘love to load’ app. He speaks more about this in his interview with Kitty de Jong in the Spring edition of the ‘Dude’ magazine.

The concept and added value are always leading in Floris’ work. Commercial success is obtained through fruitful cooperation with other parties. “The concept and design of the product are my part, though I always have ideas about the bits that I know less about. I try to find the right people for that.”

The playful Dutch design and the ‘you-will-see-what-it-is-supposed-to-do’ attitude are clearly visible in his designs. From the strokable Guidelight to the self-sustaining Groundfridge: each product has its own target audience, yet is instantly understood by everyone.

The full publication is only available in Dutch

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