The Strandtuin was created for the visitors of Into The Great Wide Open, one of the most beautiful cultural festivals in the Netherlands. A temporary ‘beach pavilion’ on Vlieland where the elements sun, sea, wind and sand where used in a certain way to achieve a close relationship with the surroundings.

natural symbiosis of experience and products

The Strandtuin is self-sufficient and uses all that the beach has to offer. The Dutchtubs are filled with seawater and heated with beach wood from the island. As visitor, you prepare your own meal of fresh fish in the Outdooroven. The wind and sun supply energy for the lights and music. The sandy landscape provides privacy and protects against the wind at the same time. The smart mixture of products, the natural elements and the use thereof is a cooperation with Lab Vlieland, Staatsbosbeheer and various creators. Tijl Couzij, project leader Lab Vlieland: ‘The Strandtuin does not lock the visitor into a ‘small house with sea view’, but you can experience the elements in the middle of the beach – sand between your toes and the wind through your hair.”


Client: Into The Great Wide Open Cooperation: Weltevree, Lab Vlieland, Staatsbosbeheer, Hoogvuur Photography: Tatjana Quax & Ben Lamers Location: Vlieland, The Netherlands Website: Year: 2015

products in this project

Dutchtub Original Beach Chair Beach Rocker Outdooroven Forestry Table Forestry Bench

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