Hoog Vuur

De Nieuwe Stad, an innovative micro-city in Amersfoort did not want standalone hospitality but a meeting place for all users and visitors of the area. Together with a team of well-known Weltevree-designers like Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff, but also with locals like ceramist Frans Ottink, the cafe-restaurant HOOG VUUR was developed.

dining kitchen of De Nieuwe Stad

Three huge wood-burning stoves are central: to cook and to heat the area. All dishes are prepared in the ovens of the stoves, that have been specially designed for this place. The restaurant is equipped with Forestry tables where you can sit down facing the open kitchen. Tim Kröber, Restaurant Manager at Hoog Vuur: “Hoog Vuur is a warm and accessible place, where the experience of burning wood and cooking is central. The character of the old factory combined with purity and a new vibe creates a surprising effect.”


Client: Café-restaurant Hoog Vuur Cooperation: Weltevree & De Nieuwe Stad Location: De Nieuwe Stad, Oude Fabriekstraat 26, Amersfoort, The Netherlands Website: www.hoogvuur.nl Year: 2014

products in this project

Forestry Table Forestry Bench Stringlight Stove Outdooroven Sheepskin

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